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Art Flooring

We offer art floorboards, installation, and everything required to make your floor like no other.

Art Flooring Pattern

What is Art Flooring

It's a bespoke solution to achieve a flooring pattern like anything you can imagine. It can be pictures, specific diagrams, colourful combinations, maps, and many more.

Most of the solutions are individually made exclusively for the customer.  The art flooring combines a few layers, and the upper layer is the entire design.

What are the art flooring options?

The bespoke solution requires choosing a design pattern with all the colours and different patterns.

The next step is to manufacture the floorboards and prepare all the necessary accessories required for the installation.

For such a flooring model, clients may choose from:

  • Different types of wood;
  • Finish type;
  • Design combination from catalogue;
  • Custom solutions.

All orders of art flooring require a discussion about the requirements, property design, and the size of the property.

Usually, the entire process is not a fixed period because it depends on many factors.