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About us

Learn more about who we are, what to expect, our philosophy, and the mission of the online store.

wooden flooring

Who we are

The team is one of the most experienced in the industry. We have worked with wood flooring since 1991.

Our experience is International and local. As a modern company, we work to provide the ultimate solution for every property in London.

As part of Club 360 Services Ltd, the installation services is managed by the unit for floor fitting

What to expect using our services

Our core mission is to provide complete service with fair pricing for everything included. We pay attention to make the most precise quote for everything you need.

Briefly explained:

  • Accurate quote with all the necessary details;
  • Expert installation, subfloor repair, and refinish (if needed);
  • Premium quality flooring that lasts for a very long time;
  • Insured, experienced, and modern team of professionals;

Our philosophy

We offer new flooring, preparation services, and installation in the best possible way. We know very well that we have to make your property more valuable and more comfortable.

We do our best to give you the best possible solution for your property at a competitive price.

The company's slogan is:

"Let's make your property a lovely place for living or doing successful business."